Missouri's Governors Ball

Andrew Koenig | Missouri State Representative

I have been a lifelong resident of west St. Louis county. I'm excited to be running for re-election in the 99th district on August 5, 2014.

My wife Brooke and I have three sons Jeremiah who is 8, Isaac who is 6 and Gideon who is 4. We are active members of the West County Assembly of God and we are very involved in our community.

I earned my business degree from Lindenwood University and I am the proud owner of an established small business. I also am licensed insurance adjuster. My wife Brooke and I are licensed foster parents.

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Imagine you have a company that has been producing a product for the last 5 years.  Sales are up, the demand is high and you are thinking of expanding your business to other parts of the state.  In the future, you even hope to expand across the nation and globally.  You sit in your office as you look out your window knowing that your hard work and investments have paid off.

Suddenly, the phone rings shaking you from your thoughts.  You pick up the phone and say your normal greeting only to hear…

Hey.  You stole my patent! I should sue you for all you have.  But you know what?  I’m a pretty nice fellow so why don’t you say we cut a deal.  You write me a check and I’ll just go away.  What do you say?”

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The Governor has been very busy in Missouri playing ‘politics as usual’.

Missouri is currently experiencing a budget surplus yet Governor Nixon is withholding over $185 million.  I support limited government spending and it is the legislature’s constitutional duty to appropriate funds and the Governor’s duty to execute the laws of Missouri.  The Governor only has the authority to withhold money from the budget when there is a short fall in revenues.

In November the Legislature was called in for an Extraordinary Session to find a way to offer Boeing $150 million per year for almost 25 years. 

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