There are now twenty Missouri Departments that can create regulations for which Missourians must adhere to.

In fact, there are almost as many regulations by Missouri Departments as there are Missouri statutes.  There are also 10,032 pages of Department rules and regulations.   Some no longer even apply to modern times and for many the standards can’t be met or are too rigorous on our businesses.

This is why I favor the Missouri House Bill (HB) 1135. It reduces the massive list of burdensome regulations that are outdated and still on the books.

If House Bill (HB) 1135 were to become law it will put a ten year sunset (the legal term for a bill’s expiration date) on all Missouri Department rules and regulations.   As a result it will reduce the amount of rules and regulations that are out dated and unnecessary.  HB 1135 has passed the House and sent to the Senate.

If a regulation is ready to “sunset” and a Department thinks the rule or regulation is still necessary, that Department will be required to submit a report and answer some key questions such as:

  1. Is this regulation a duplicate of other regulations?
  2. Is this rule too broad and is it able to be replaced by a more narrowed and tailored rule?
  3. Is this rule adequate?
  4. Is a regulation too burdensome to individuals, businesses, or a political subdivision?
  5. Does the regulation require an unnecessary pile of paperwork?

I believe this process will make it harder for departments to arbitrarily create new rules and regulations.

With 10,032 pages of rules and regulations in the Code of State Regulations, and many have not been reviewed since their creation, it is time to address some of these obsolete, duplicate, and overlapping regulations.  That is why I voted yes on House Bill 1135.