freedomThe United States is a republic where the constitution is used to keep a free society. One amendment to the Missouri Constitution that I have consistently supported is a spending cap.  This would prevent excessive spending when state revenues are up so that money can be put aside during economic downturns.

This tax payer protection would only allow spending to increase as inflation and population growth does.  In Missouri we already have numerous protections in the constitution that have proven to be successful.  Article X of the Missouri constitution requires a vote of the people before taxes can be raised or bonds issued.  It also requires a balance budget.  Article IV Section 26 allows the governor to do a partial veto of a budget bill.

After the Constitutional Convention in 1787 Benjamin Franklin was asked “What do we have a republic or a monarchy?” Benjamin Franklin replied “You have a republic, if you can keep it”. I am committed to upholding the State, and U.S. Constitution.