Is Right-To-Work Good or Bad for Missouri?


You may have seen it on Billboards that Right-to-Work is wrong for Missouri, but is it really wrong for Missouri? Right-to-work states that an employee is not required nor can be forced to join a Union under any term for continued employment.

Union supporters say:

  • Right-to-Work States have lower wages and Unions will be destroyed.
  • They say there is no economic benefits to switching to Right-to-work.
  • It is also said that Unions must represent non-union members creating a network of freeloaders.

Right-to-work supporters are stating that:

  • Unions force union members to pay Union dues that are used for political purposes they do not agree with.
  • They say that some businesses will only consider moving to Right-to-work states and it is good for rank in file Unions members.


Right-to-Work Foolishness


I believe Right-to-work is the right thing for Missouri,

Imagine you have a company that has been producing a product for the last 5 years.  Sales are up, the demand is high and you are thinking of expanding your business to other parts of the state.  In the future, you even hope to expand across the nation and globally.  You sit in your office as you look out your window knowing that your hard work and investments have paid off.

Suddenly, the phone rings shaking you from your thoughts.  You pick up the phone and say your normal greeting only to hear…

Hey.  You stole my patent! I should sue you for all you have.  But you know what?  I’m a pretty nice fellow so why don’t you say we cut a deal.  You write me a check and I’ll just go away.  What do you say?”

HCS HB 1274, sponsored by Representative Koenig, ensures that chemical abortions (RU486) remain consistent with other Missouri laws including the 24 hour waiting period and informed consent.  This bill also requires information on risks and alternatives when a woman comes to the physician’s office seeking a chemical abortion.  If at any time a woman changes her mind to have a chemical abortion she must be referred to another doctor to care for herself and her child.  This also raises the insurance coverage to the industry standard of 1 million per occurrence and 3 million dollars in total.

House Bill 1072 protects doctors, who are licensed by the state of Missouri, to volunteer their time and equipment free of charge to individuals who cannot afford healthcare.  These doctors are providing their services free of charge and doing their best to provide for the people who can’t afford healthcare.  This bill protects them from being sued for anything thing less than gross negligence or willful misconduct.

I am a strong believer that Missouri should have little to no debt.  As a Missourian it is your right to know the finances of this state.  Missouri has managed to keep a lower debt than many other states with a principal balance around $4.4 billion unlike our neighbor, the state of Illinois, who currently owes $34 billion in the principal balance of its bonds.  Although Missouri’s debt is not as large as other states, it is still more than it should be.