In a recent post I shared my feelings regarding Amendment 1, or “Clean” Missouri. An amendment to the Missouri Constitution that would allow for redistricting that would essentially lead to extreme gerrymandering of our state representative and state senate districts.

In today’s report, I want to share my thoughts about  another potential amendment to our Constitution, Amendment 3, which is an absurd attempt at the legalization of medical marijuana in Missouri.

First and foremost – I truly believe that our Constitution should only be amended under extraordinary circumstances. It should be limited to matters that go beyond what would amount to a basic change to our statutes. With that said, I do not believe that legalizing marijuana for medical purposes rises to a Constitutional level and that alone is enough reason for me to vote “no” on Amendment 3.

Unfortunately, this amendment is written in such an egregious way, that my concerns go beyond simply placing marijuana laws into our Constitution. Amendment 3 literally takes a millionaire doctor named Brad Bradshaw and places him above our marijuana laws. He gets to choose the Research Board which will govern these laws. He gets to choose the site to build a tax funded research facility. He gets complete immunity from all of our laws as it relates to his managing of this marijuana research facility. Not only that, but Amendment 3 grants immunity to EVERYONE who buys, prescribes, sells, manufactures, etc. marijuana in the state of Missouri.

Just think of the implications of such a law. In Section 7, subsection (n) this amendment states, “No testing laboratory shall be subject to civil or criminal prosecution…” THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!

What if someone employed at the testing laboratory were to spike the marijuana with arsenic? Under this amendment, they would be free from arrest or lawsuit(s). Even their attorneys are free to do as they please. Section 7, subsection (i) states, “Missouri attorneys providing legal advice or representation…shall not be subject to professional discipline, or to criminal or civil liability…” This amendment literally allows for lawyers to lie in court.

This amendment is bad on every level.

I want to make it very clear that I take no issue with marijuana being used for medical purposes. If it is true that marijuana can be used to ease pain and suffering in a way that no other drug on the market can then by all means, marijuana should be used to ease that burden. I believe that we should follow our drug and safety laws that are currently on the books, and I want the state of Missouri to be in line with Federal guidelines, but again, Only under these circumstances do I support the use of medical marijuana.

I believe that whether you support the idea of medical marijuana or not, we should all be able to agree that Amendment 3 does not belong in our state’s constitution.

Don’t forget, this election is very important and it is only two weeks away. No matter how you vote, please vote.